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Sell Your Property

Selling your home can be a very stressful experience, particularly if this is your first time. The best way to minimise the pressure is to employ the services of an experienced and professional local estate agent, Estate Agents.

Ultimately, we are working for you, the seller, not the buyer, and we take our fee as a percentage of the agreed purchase price of a property. However, fees will vary widely replica watchesand it is important to remember that just because other agents offer a lower fee, it doesn't mean that you are necessarily getting good value.

When you decide you are going to sell your property through Estate Agents, you will have to agree to written terms and conditions. There are four types of agreement:

Sole Agency –

You employ the services of one agent to sell you property for an agreed period of time, usually a minimum of 12 weeks. If you sell your property through another agent before your agreement with the original has ended, then you will still have to pay the original agent their fee as well. Likewise, the agent must respect the terms of the agreement and ensure that the service promised and agreed is delivered.

Joint Sole Agency –

This is when you employ two agents to sell your property. The agents agree to split the fee upon the sale of the property. The agent that sells the property usually gets a higher percentage of the fee. The ratio is pre-agreed with you and written into the agreement.

Sole Selling Rights –

This means that the appointed selling agent will be due the agreed fee, even if you end up selling your property privately or through another agent.

Multiple Agency –

This is when you employ the services of several agents. The agent that sells the property takes the whole fee.

If you are selling your property, you should budget for the following costs, how much will vary, so you'll need to do your research. There will be additional costs to consider if you are buying a property, too. See Buying a property for more information.

  • Estate agents fees: based on an average 2% plus VAT of the price achieved for the property
  • Conveyancing fees
  • EPC fee
  • Removal costs
  • Contingency fund